Did you know?

When it comes to firming and sculpting your body, no form of exercise offers more bang for your buck than lifting weights! We are strong believers in the benefits of weight lifting and are super excited to announce that BOXEN Strength training sessions are available to our club members! These private sessions will need to be scheduled in advance.

Lifting weights is an awesome compliment to running the BOXEN Circuit & Boot Camps and may help you break through plateaus. Lifting, through progressive overload, not only builds lean muscle, but can also boost your metabolism, help you burn body fat, give you functional strength and so much more!

The scope of your BOXEN Strength training sessions will include:

  • Initial and follow up strength testing to properly calculate your starting point for all body parts
  • Design and record specific muscle group workouts for repetitions, sets and workload
  • Teach proper lifting technique, posture and form
  • Monitor and spot all exercises
  • Determine proper weight increase percentages and advise when to increase progressive overload

Now let's get ready to reach some goals together and schedule your first BOXEN Strength session today!