BOXEN was founded to provide the average individual, at any age, fitness or ability level an amazing, informative and fun boxing / kickboxing based workout. While our workouts include punching & kicking techniques, on a variety of heavy bags, mitts & pads (never any contact between individuals), you do not need any prior boxing / kickboxing experience to be great at BOXEN! Our workouts also incorporate a variety of strength, resistance & conditioning exercises, along with agility, balance, speed, and coordination drills. BOXEN'S ultimate full body workouts are designed to help you achieve your goals of improved health & fitness through weight loss, weight control, muscle building, body toning, improved strength and coordination.

At BOXEN, we custom tailor workouts around your fitness level, abilities, body mechanics, past injuries and / or limitations with individual attention and guidance at all times. We will help you workout at your own pace until you are ready to move on to new levels of intensity and techniques. Our passion for fitness is dedicated to providing fun & effective workouts that will keep you motivated on your journey in becoming a better YOU. There is never any competition or judgement on anyone's skill or abilities.

At BOXEN, there are no class times ... just show up when it's convenient for you! A new circuit begins every 3 - 5 minutes, so you can workout on your own schedule. During each workout, a coach / certified personal trainer will be by your side to help train, guide and motivate you, ensuring you get the most out of each session. You can expect to run through the entire circuit in about 35 - 40 minutes. Pressed for time? No problem!! Our BOXEN Boot Camp workouts are designed to deliver a heart pumping, sweat dripping, fat blasting workout in 15 minutes or less ... guaranteed!!

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Come join us at BOXEN and have tons of fun punching & kicking yourself into incredible shape with one of today's hottest workouts ...

Boxing & Kickboxing Fitness!!